Friday, November 12, 2021

Crafting time

I'm hoping to use this space to document my Project life, December Daily and journal your Christmas projects.

Thursday, May 09, 2019

May is for making

Maymay over at has set a challenge this month to actually do some crafting. Use the new tool, take it out the box, make something!

I've been doing a lot of thinking about making, thinking about organising and planning but not a lot of actual making so I jumped in.

Maymay had a post recently on covering a notebook and I've done these before but not for years. So when I found an old 5th year Chemistry notebook that I'd taken the used pages out of it seemed the ideal time to get something done!

Monday, January 14, 2019

2019 Where did that come from

A lot happened last year and I blogged none of it so lets have a wee recap.

I started running in 2010 with the Couch to 5k program and was running 5k a few times a week up until 2013 when I injured my ankle. Life then got on top of me as I'm not good at saying no and my mental health started to suffer in 2014 and in 2015 I had a breakdown.
It has taken me a long time to come back from that with a few false starts and relapses in between. I'm now 49, asthmatic, I was 15 stone on the 1st of January, 4 foot 11 inches and on medication for anxiety. Not a healthy combination.
Last year I also lost my Dad to cancer in a very short space of time and was made redundant from my 20 year job.
I can't do anything for my age it's going to keep going up whether I feel like a big kid or not 
I'm not going to get any taller at this stage that growth spurt has gone.
I'm starting a new part time job in a couple of weeks.
The rest I can work on.
Roll on 2019. 
My cousin Shona suggested the RED January challenge for the new year as she knows I want to get back to running but kept finding excuses and she loves me enough to know when I need a push  .
So far ...
  • I've run 11 days and walked 3. 
  • My runs are still a combination of running with walking breaks but the runs are getting longer and the running breaks shorter. 
  • I've lost 4 pounds, 
  • My asthma is staying under control and I am working with my health center on reducing my inhaled steroids. 
  • I am feeling much calmer and much less panicky on a daily basis.

My Dad loved cycling and doing the cross trainer at the gym but said his knees would not hold up to running with me. Now I carry him with me in my heart when I run.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Photography Course Lesson 6, advanced composition

I'm loving the photography course with Shaw Academy.

This lesson was about advanced composition, using



Rule of Threes,


Entry and Exit,


and Visual Consistancy.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Bullet Journal - planning for 2017

Bullet journalling has helped me a lot this year.

I started my bullet journal in May and I found it much more useful to me than a traditional diary or journal.

Being able to add things in whenever I need or think of them has helped me clarify what is important to me. Being able to drop items that I don't use frees me to focus on other areas. Having the space and option to journal in the midst of planning means everything stays together and I can track what works and how I'm doing in a simpler way.

As I only started the journal in May I still have space in my current notebook so spent some time deciding if I wanted to start a new one or keep going and how I would use my daily spaces.

I've decided to start a fresh book in my new Fantastic Beasts notebook. I've checked through my collections a page options and decided what I want to continue and focus on.

I've setup a year at a glance page to help me check up coming dates and I've also setup a future log to help with forward planning.

A Goals page will help me focus on things I'd like to achieve this year and the Wishlist will help me keep track of things I see or think of that I would like or need.
As my first Goal is weight loss I've setup a weight log to keep track of downs and ups :)

 I'm wanting to keep track of TV shows, movies and books I'd like to watch or read and these tracker pages may help.

Fun things is to help me remember to take time for other fun things in life like visits to friends.

 My monthly page list is for regular monthly shopping lists to help me with menu planning and eating properly.

Project 333 is for my clothing challenge I follow with 33 items of clothing for 3 months.

Next comes my regular monthly pages with a calendar list and tracker, my gratitude pages and then I'd like to continue using the photo challenges and my existing daily log pages. 

I'll see how I go with these pages and the beauty of the Bullet Journal system is if I don't find a page useful I can change it any time and add new pages as I need them.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Start of Summer Update.

So far today we have had torrential rain, brilliant sunshine and more torrential rain - so a typical Scottish Summer day.

As it's a bit dreich to go out I am alternating between, laundry. tidying my spare room/craft room and updating my various web pages and sites.

The laundry is going well 3rd load on the go and tumble dryer going overdrive.

Spare room/Craft room tidying has been going for a couple of months now but now looks more like a bed room than a junk shop.

As a result I found the bed, cleared it off, dusted, turned the mattress and found nice fresh bedding.

I know the pillowcases don't match in the photo but I've found the matching ones now I'm just to lazy to take another photo :D

The Craft room part of tiding is what has taken most of the time but I've tried to use the Kon Marie method by splitting the area up and dealing with one type of craft item at a time.

Therefore we have my home made punch board.

I'm really proud of this especially as is cost me less than a fiver.

 Also my Ribon Storage that cost me nothing.

I'm using an old bookcase for storage of my Stampin' Up! Stampsets and some other unmounted and boxed sets.

The top shelf is holding all my buttons and chipboard letters

 I'm using some office paper storters for my A4 card, paper, patterned paper, vellum, pattern books, Stampin' Up! designer paper pads, magnetic sheets, mirror card, aluminium foil, shrink plastic and acetate.

I've managed to fit all my Sizzix Originals, Bigz and XL dies with my embossing folders into on a corner table with my alcohol inks, Art Glitter, Stampin' Up! reinkers. various unmounted stamps and accessories in drawers and ink pads in the green box.

 Next to that is the cube unit holding all my scraptooking albums, cardstock, paper and embelishments

And finally my craft desk and storage totes. that has card blanks, envelopes, glue, templates, tools, scoring boards, cutting mats, fabric, scrap papers, embelishments, stickers, fibers and books.

I hope you enjoyed a wee look around my work in progress.
as the sun has come out again, I'm going book shopping. 

Let me know in the comments how your craft rooms are doing. 

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Baby steps in Bullet Journalling

I like to think I'm organised. I'm not!

Over the past couple of years I have got less and less organised.
I learned a while ago that diaries, calendars and planners are no use unless you write in them and then check them regularly.

I started last year with 2 diaries and 3 calendars it didnt help.

This year I have one diary and haven't written in it all.

I've tried notebooks and writing out monthly calendar spreads but couldnt keep up with any of them. I always end up with notes in more than one note book, post it notes, backs of envelopes or scraps of paper.

Recently when I had a bit of down time to just browse the net. I came across Bullet Journals on pinterest and then blogs and now they're everywhere.

Find the Basic idea here

Then some good explanations and videos here

Then just jump in.  I'm  sharing this for Kat as she wants to stop collecting and get started as well.

I have a ton of crafty stuff and blank notebooks already. Although I always thought my notebooks were too pretty to actually write in, nuts I know! I'm learning.

I decided to use a note book I bought  a year or more ago from my local book shop and the hi tec point pens I bought to zentangle and the colour pencils I have for the grown up colouring books.
The only thing I've bought new is gold and silver sharpies to write on the cover.

I'm also trying to let go of my perfectionism. I was so busy thinking of pretty lettering and fonts I wrote the wrong year. I spent ages thinking of ways to cover it up and redo it but then thought, Sod it. It's my journal and I don't mind so I changed it and wrote oops.

The next page to setup was my name page this is in case I ever lose it I've added contact details but not my address.

I came back and added the key and the why later.
The Index is the main way to keep the journal organised. Instead of writing in specific sections of a preprinted planner you add to the index whenever you start a page and then if that section spans several pages you can extend the entry and even start again pages and pages later.  I'm liking the idea of only starting pages as you need them not months in advance.
 The Future log is the section to put upcoming tasks, events, dates, meetings things you want to start planning for. You can put exact dates or just list things inthe months you think they'll happen. I have two spreads of 4 months each to fill in the rest of the year.

This means I can add things even if I'm not sure exactly when I'll do them.

Then I have a monthly page. Again a little mistake as I had turned over two pages at once when doing my future log and split this page in half. I did debate ripping the pages out so it would look better but again Sod it came to the rescue. 

I've listed the days down once side and the tasks or goals on the opposite page.

Then I get to start on my daily logs. You just start at the top of the page with the date and then bullet your tasks or events or meetings. you can change the dot . to a X when its complete or if you need to move it to another day you can change it to > to show it has migrated or if I need to rethink it and reschedule it I can use <

I've added hours at athe top and weather info taking a hint from Boho Berry's planning but I may not keep it up as most of my days will be the same as working 8.5 hrs a day same hours Monday to Friday.

I've setup a couple of extra pages so far one for a Gratitude journal with two things to be thankful for each day. another oops I didn't count the lines properly so had to add two days side on. My perfectionism is pretty much out the window by now and I'm just letting go and finding something that works. 

The other is a Books list, Books I've read this year and books I want to read. This may be easier to keep up than Goodreads.  If  my kindle could just connect to Goodreads for me and tell it when I finish a book that would be great. Or I may have to start using the tweet function to share when I've finished a book as that would give me a timeline. 

So there you go my shot at the Bullet Journal, I'm only three days in so far but I'm liking it and it fits in my handbag so I can carry it with me and just jot things down as I think of them.

It does mean I have to work a bit more on my handwriting and maybe try out some lettering styles I haven't done since buying Becky Higgins Creative Lettering like a lifetime ago but I can handle that.

Let me know what you think, have you tried it? is it working for you? how would you have coped with my oops moments? I think the main thing is have fun and don't sweat the small stuff.