Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Baby steps in Bullet Journalling

I like to think I'm organised. I'm not!

Over the past couple of years I have got less and less organised.
I learned a while ago that diaries, calendars and planners are no use unless you write in them and then check them regularly.

I started last year with 2 diaries and 3 calendars it didnt help.

This year I have one diary and haven't written in it all.

I've tried notebooks and writing out monthly calendar spreads but couldnt keep up with any of them. I always end up with notes in more than one note book, post it notes, backs of envelopes or scraps of paper.

Recently when I had a bit of down time to just browse the net. I came across Bullet Journals on pinterest and then blogs and now they're everywhere.

Find the Basic idea here http://bulletjournal.com/get-started/

Then some good explanations and videos here http://bohoberry.wpengine.com/category/bullet-journal/

Then just jump in.  I'm  sharing this for Kat as she wants to stop collecting and get started as well.

I have a ton of crafty stuff and blank notebooks already. Although I always thought my notebooks were too pretty to actually write in, nuts I know! I'm learning.

I decided to use a note book I bought  a year or more ago from my local book shop and the hi tec point pens I bought to zentangle and the colour pencils I have for the grown up colouring books.
The only thing I've bought new is gold and silver sharpies to write on the cover.

I'm also trying to let go of my perfectionism. I was so busy thinking of pretty lettering and fonts I wrote the wrong year. I spent ages thinking of ways to cover it up and redo it but then thought, Sod it. It's my journal and I don't mind so I changed it and wrote oops.

The next page to setup was my name page this is in case I ever lose it I've added contact details but not my address.

I came back and added the key and the why later.
The Index is the main way to keep the journal organised. Instead of writing in specific sections of a preprinted planner you add to the index whenever you start a page and then if that section spans several pages you can extend the entry and even start again pages and pages later.  I'm liking the idea of only starting pages as you need them not months in advance.
 The Future log is the section to put upcoming tasks, events, dates, meetings things you want to start planning for. You can put exact dates or just list things inthe months you think they'll happen. I have two spreads of 4 months each to fill in the rest of the year.

This means I can add things even if I'm not sure exactly when I'll do them.

Then I have a monthly page. Again a little mistake as I had turned over two pages at once when doing my future log and split this page in half. I did debate ripping the pages out so it would look better but again Sod it came to the rescue. 

I've listed the days down once side and the tasks or goals on the opposite page.

Then I get to start on my daily logs. You just start at the top of the page with the date and then bullet your tasks or events or meetings. you can change the dot . to a X when its complete or if you need to move it to another day you can change it to > to show it has migrated or if I need to rethink it and reschedule it I can use <

I've added hours at athe top and weather info taking a hint from Boho Berry's planning but I may not keep it up as most of my days will be the same as working 8.5 hrs a day same hours Monday to Friday.

I've setup a couple of extra pages so far one for a Gratitude journal with two things to be thankful for each day. another oops I didn't count the lines properly so had to add two days side on. My perfectionism is pretty much out the window by now and I'm just letting go and finding something that works. 

The other is a Books list, Books I've read this year and books I want to read. This may be easier to keep up than Goodreads.  If  my kindle could just connect to Goodreads for me and tell it when I finish a book that would be great. Or I may have to start using the tweet function to share when I've finished a book as that would give me a timeline. 

So there you go my shot at the Bullet Journal, I'm only three days in so far but I'm liking it and it fits in my handbag so I can carry it with me and just jot things down as I think of them.

It does mean I have to work a bit more on my handwriting and maybe try out some lettering styles I haven't done since buying Becky Higgins Creative Lettering like a lifetime ago but I can handle that.

Let me know what you think, have you tried it? is it working for you? how would you have coped with my oops moments? I think the main thing is have fun and don't sweat the small stuff.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Where did that year go?

I didn't realise it had been as long as a year since my last update.

Spring Harvest went really well...
then it was the church AGM ...
then sorting out pulpit supply ...
then before you knew where you were it was time for the Scripture Union Summer Mission week doing childrens work every morning, team time in afternoon, youth work and family work in the evening during the week and other stuff both weekends ...
then a few days to recover at work ...
then I threw myself into helping with Butefest with storms and mud and music and friends and fun and late nights and early mornings ...
then my mum and her husband came to visit for Highland games ...

then it was late August and I broke,

I broke me.

It's been a long 6 months of coming to realise I can't do all that on top of 40hour weeks at work and stay sane, or in touch with friends or even family and keep my house tidy or clothes repaired or diet healthy.

I've had to learn to say no when I want to say yes, but really can't,
I've had to learn to listen to those that care about me when they say I'm doing too much but I feel I'm not doing enough as I'm not not doing anything properly, or completely finishing each job.
I've had to learn to let go of perfectionism, sometimes basic and done is good enough
I've had to learn somethings I can stop worrying about as I can't fix how other people see things.
I've had to learn I cant make everybody like me by working harder or longer
I've had to learn some people will never be happy with what I've done or am doing and thats their issue not mine.
I've had to learn to recognise when my reactions to situations are over reactions and try and talk myself down off the mental ledge rather than fly off the handle

I'm still learning all of these and more.

But last week I also learned how to quilt!

In amongst my bombsite of a craft room/spare room I found a pack of fabric squares I must have bought 15/20 years ago. still in their packagaing. As I'd unearthed the sewing maching recently and was trying to have some 'me time' I thought I'd give patchwork a go.

I started simple, just after Christmas, nothing fancy, I put some squares together and made a cushion cover. Just sew the squares together and then add a back.

Then I found a beginning quilting series on Diary of a Quilter.com http://www.diaryofaquilter.com/beginning-quilting-series

Amy made it look really simple and not as scary as it felt. So this week I made a quilt.
I'm ridiculously happy about it.
It's not very big and it's not very thick, and the sewing is a bit wonky, but its mine and I made it and that'd good enough.

Hopefully I'll manage to update more this year but I'm not holding myself to any deadlines or framework.

If you've managed to read this far take care of yourself and yours this year and I promise to take better care of me also x

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Half Term Report

Ok February and most of March seem to have got away from me.

I have managed to scrap some more of the Vegas trip photos but not any of 2015 yet.
  • I’ve manage to get in a couple of walks but not managed to get for a run or a swim.
  • I’ve taken some photos but not managed to keep to one a day.
  • I didn’t make any cards but have found the Easter ones from last year so will make sure they go out this year.
  • I have done a bit more cooking, still loving the slow cooker but remembered how much I love the simplicity of stir fries and made scotch broth (ish) for church.
  • I’ve not managed any baking but have been playing games with the Youth club and decorating cakes.
  • I have managed to declutter more of the living room and the bedroom cupboards so another pile of bags for Cancer Research.  However the craft room is still a chaos zone.
  • Not visited anyone since the new year but have had regular dinners with Dad and calls with Mum and occasional chats with Brother.
  • Shortly going on holiday to visit family and friends take in a trip to the beach and sing my heart out at Spring Harvest.   

So half term report, not a complete disaster but could do better :) 

Thinking of my holiday I'm trying to work out a capsule wardrobe
5 vest tops, 4 t-shirts, 3 bottoms, 2 long sleeved tops, 1 dress and 1 skirt for 14 days to include travelling, sightseeing, working, poss beach and church induction. 

Any thoughts?

Friday, January 09, 2015

Starting well..

January has started well.

I have been taking time for me, going for walks, taking photographs and even started a plan for scrapbooking again.

I'm trying a photo a day challenge from #theidearoom and 9 days in still going.

I've also bought a project life kit from Create and Craft and am starting to work on my Vegas holiday picutres. Just 4 years late :) I'm really liking the simplicity of how pages can come together.

I'll probably use this method to deal with my photo challenge photos as well as recording things I'm thankful for or positive about throughout the year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year (little early)

2014 has been a rough year for a number of reasons.
There have been good times but also some really low times.

I've decided I need to make some changes this year and actually put in my calendar and diary time for me.
This may be time to exercise, time to craft or just time to chill and do nothing but it's my nothing and it doesn't mean I'm not doing something important.

Just as I had to learn that I'm good enough to use my 'good' dishes and cutlery and any day is good enough to wear my 'good' clothes I will learn that I am important enough to have time for me.

So if I say no to something next year please don't take it personally it's simply there may be more things to do than I have time to do them.

Some of the things I'm hoping to do in 2015

  • Run
  • Walk
  • Swim
  • Take photographs
  • Make Cards
  • Scrapbook
  • Sing
  • Play Games
  • Cook
  • Bake
  • Visit family and friends
  • Get to a musical
  • Visit the beach
  • and lots more.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Conquer Worry

Last week at work I had a mini meltdown over something that was actually quite small but managed to reduce me to tears in the middle of a meeting.  This coincided with a friend sharing a tweet from @ConquerWorry

Struggling? Would you like to join us for the July Jump Start Challenge? conquerworry.org/jump-start-cha… pic.twitter.com/eYjKFHwtjW

Story image

I took time to read through the pages and realised I've let myself get back into a place where I am just working, sleeping and worrying without having time for me or friends or exercise. As a result my physical and mental health is stretched which contributed to my meltdown. 

I was going to start July following the Conquer Worry Jump Start Challenge and began over the weekend thinking of things to be grateful for.  However, as Burns said "The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men  Gang aft agley." Translation - the best laid plans of mice and men often go wrong.

I started the weekend with an allergic reaction that made my right eye swell up like I'd been in a boxing match and as that went down my cheek started to swell up. This turned out to be an abscess so my 1st of July started with an emergency dental appointment and extraction. 

The Jump Start Challenge has some steps to get us started 
  1. Pick three Daily Tasks
  2. Do each task daily for 21 consecutive days
  3. Record your results
  4. Record one thing you are grateful for.
  5. Record on positive experience that happened that day
  6. Start over if you miss a day.
My tasks I'd picked were to exercise, get 20 mins sunlight and work on daily prayer. This is my attempt to record how I got on,

For exercise I'm counting the walk to work, the walk from there to the dentist, the walk back an hour and half later and then the walk home to recover.  
As it was a beautiful sunny day yesterday I'm counting that as my sunshine exposure as well. 
I'm not sure I should count the praying it would end during the trip to the dentist but I do keep a prayer list and when the painkillers had kicked in later last night I did work through it.

The positive experience of the day was, unlikely as it sounds, the extraction itself. My dentist was amazing and took her time to make sure I was fully aware of what would happen and comfortable at all times. The extraction itself was the least painful I've ever had, not counting those when I was younger when they could still knock you out :-) 

I'm grateful for the support of colleagues, friends and family when I was feeling lousy and those who contacted me to make sure I was ok. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Extra Time

Earlier this week I was praying for more time in the week (or even in a day), I felt like I was running around like a headless chicken but getting nothing done and getting further and further behind.

It's been a hard and busy couple of months trying to juggle work, family, church and time for me seems to have been reduced to sleeping and eating inbetween everything else.

Decluttering has slowed, running has paused and crafting is non existant.

I got an answer to prayer on Tuesday in an odd way. We were overstaffed at work so our boss was offering an extra hour on the lunchbreak, unpaid buy hey an hour extra is an hour extra :-)
in that hour and a half I managed to get to the shops to buy a gas canister for my heater, get to the bank for the bits you can't do online, cook lunch instead of a sandwich, do all my dishes, clean the kitchen start some decluttering of the living room and have 10 mins just for me to sit and remember how thankful I am that I have a family, a job and a loving church. Amazing the difference an hour makes.

Going to try and have a productive hour at least a couple of days each week.

I've taken today as a holiday as its my birthday tomorrow and I'm going to catch up on all the Dr Who programs I've recorded over the last couple of weeks. So may be a bit timey-wimey for the next 24 hours.

If you haven't watched the minisode 'Night of the Doctor' yet I urge you to do so now.

You may scream at the screen a little - or as I did a lot.