Saturday, June 23, 2007

I love cyber crops

This Friday and Saturday I took part in a small cyber crop on Faithscrappersuk and while I love the big mad events that are UKScrappers crops this much smaller cyber crop was really great fun, and good for my spirit at the same time. I completed two layouts and a prayer and praise jacobs ladder and got lots of new ideas.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

OK that's it!

I'm back on my diet big time :)
I weighed myself last night and I'm 13 stone!!! How did that happen???

It wouldn't be so bad if I was 6 foot tall but at 4 foot 11 thats over 2.5 stone a foot there's some bits of me that can't possibly be that heavy.
Overall, it's just not a good look.

So it's back to following the WeightWatchers points plan that has worked for me in the past.
I found my books from when I first lost weight in 2000 and at that point I managed to lose a stone in 2 months so I know it is do-able I just need to stop snacking and not visit the chippy so often :)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Its June but not very flaming hot so far :(

Had a lousy cold all last week and we have had torrential rain for a couple of days so all in not a great start to June. Can we have Aprils weather back it was nicer?
However I did manage to do 3 double layouts this week! which is more than the previous 3 months put together :) and all thanks to Clubscrap's Tricia Morris and her page plans on craft tv weekly