Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ok well after my week of being good and getting some scrapping done, QVC had a craft day - oops

I went a little bit mad and bought a few bits and pieces, and then my local craft shop got in some scrapbooking kits and it was too nice to pass up.

So I now have quite a few christmas stamps, page protectors, stickers, some 7 gypsies albums on the way, an 8x8 mini album waiting for pics and a new coluzzle cutting system.

That then set me off looking for other coluzzle templates as its so easy to use.

On the work front - big shock - we got a payrise at last! Enought that I will put off looking for another job for the time being and just try and get my life into some sort of routine.

Flylady here I come.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Summer Scrappin' Holiday

This week has been the latest UKScrappers cybercrop but with a slight change of pace.
Instead of the manic pace of a class or project every two hours over 2 days this time we had five days with one class, one challenge, one project and one game each day and instead of having teams and fighting for points we had four buses and all for fun. We had the choice of A-Z, Time, Holiday and Bom buses.

This helped most of us keep up a bit better this time and do layouts that actually fitted in our albums. Although I only manged four classes, one challenge and one project I still had a great week and scrapped lots of my holiday photos and tried some techniques I wouldnt have used other wise.

The classes, challenges and projects will stay up for sometime after the weekend so may still catch up and do some more layouts.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Survived the thunderstorms of the past few days and the torrential rain that definately brought the temperature down a bit. Still a bit muggy today but cooler than last week.

Tomorrow is the start of the UKScrappers cybercrop. Due to be a more relaxed time than previous cybercrops this one is over 5 days with a couple of classes and games a day with four themes or bus routes to help us work through some ongoing project or get a jumpstart on a new one. In order to get ready I have tidied my craft area and will go shopping for munchies later.