Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Journal Your Christmas

ok - dont ask me where the rest of the year went I've no idea how it got to the end of November so quickly and its December on Monday!!

I have so much to do, working on christmas cards, my brothers wedding invites, trying to build up cards to sell, scrap your day, stories in hand and now its Journal your Christmas time again.

Basically Shimelle has a way for us to get Christmas back on our terms. Just by having a little time each day to ourselves and a bit of inspiration from her.

I loved doing this last year but let my self get caught up in getting behind and trying to catch up rather than just jumping in on the next day that came up.

This year I'm reminding my self this project can be as big or small as I want it to be. It doesnt have to look like anyones elses and it doesnt have to win a prize for modern art or literature :)

No-one cares if there's spelling mistakes as my family know how bad my spelling is already and they've seen my handwriting.

The important part of this is to record MY Christmas as it really is. Not some polished magazine article of the perfect christmas. So this time I'm going to set aside an appointment with myself every day even just to write quickly how busy a day i've had or how i got nothing done and somewhere in there I'll find the bits of Christmas that still manage to excite me every year.

If anyone wants to join in you'll get more info here and you can let me know how your getting on with your journal as well.

Here comes Christmas - are you ready?