Sunday, January 17, 2010


I had a great fun yestarday attending the Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow to see their Panotmine of Pinocchio with the kids and parents of Ballochgoy Playgroup. The cast were fantastic, the songs and dance routines highly enjoyable, the magic amazing and the sets, costumes and sound and light effects truly stunning.

Its running till 30th Jan and next Wednesday (27th) they are doing a special £10 show to raise funds for the Haiti Earthquake appeal. If you havent yet seen it I'd highly recommend going along.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

ITS COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok the Snow was nice before Christmas and helped lend a seasonly feel to the holidays and looked pretty.

But its now been two weeks, its not snowed again, we still have below zero temperatures and now ice skating rinks instead of pavements.

I'm officially over the fun of snow and want the sunshine to come back!

Unlikely I know :(

I'm actually starting to wish we could get the heavy snow that Englands getting as then I might get the day off work.

Apologies to those who are getting the heavy snow and hate it or to those without snow and ice who want some.