Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another Wedding

This time my little cousin Juliet tied the knot with Richard down in Bingley watched by a large Cowie clan contingent.

I am a rubbish at remembering to take photos on these kinds of occasions and the ones I did take of the happy couple have come out a bit dark so I'll have to wait for the official photos to see what they really looked like.
Bloggers having probs with photos tonight so cant upload anyway :)

Juliet was gorgeous though.

The clocks went back while we were down for the wedding so summertime is over, winters on the way, the cold weather is upon us and I want to hibernate :)
failing that I'll have to try and make my evenings and days off productive and keep active so heres my winter list!

1. I will go swimming at least twice a week
2. I will do one scrapbook page a week
3. I will get back on babysteps with flylady and get my house in gear
4. I will start on my christmas cards and presents
5. I will update my blog and bebo and facebook at least once a week
6. I will keep in touch with my friends by phone text email or even a visit to the pub now and then
7. I will not seek solace in food (too much)
8 I will be more active on UKScrappers and Faithscrappers

Roll on Spring!