Friday, July 23, 2010


W9D2 of C25k, running now for 30 mins equals 2 laps of my local park and playing fields which equals 3.26km!
I've already worked out that three laps are going to be the 5k so I can see the target in sight.

Stopped using the podcasts now and ran tonight using the soundtrack from We Will Rock You. Some great songs to run to in there. Just not got enough breath to sing along while I'm running :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I didnt manage my run yesterday as stuck late at work and the Scottish monsoon hit again today so went to Aqua Aerobics instead. Didnt realise it was an hour class shattered now :) but fun.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Catch Up Again

I am a bad blogger! I think I overdid it at my Gym induction on Monday evening.

As my main focus is weight loss the fitness instructer suggested I start with the cardio-vascular machines.

So to get used to the equipment I did 5 min warm up on the bike, 5 mins on the rowing machine, 5 on the cross trainer and then hit the tread mill. Once I got up to speed and used to the fact of running with out going anywhere I kind of liked it so did a 20 min run. Obviously forgetting at that point I'd already run 28 minutes in the morning.

My thigh and calf muscles were complaining all day Tuesday. Must make sure to go to the gym on a rest day not a running day.

Managed the last 28min run of Week 8 on Wednesday, did it at the gym on the treadmill as winter had descended on Scotland

Felt easier on the treadmill but really boring just looking at the machine or myself sweating in the mirror I found myself daydreaming about my normal route round the park.

I had a rest day but felt the need to do something so went for a swim, its been a couple of years since I was last swimming but managed 26 lengths in 30 mins.

Managed the first run of week 9 a full 30 min run with no stops using mapmyrun my route was 3.17km so quite pleased with that.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Catch Up!

I managed out for the first run of week 8: 28 min run.

It was 8:20pm when I headed out and being cloudy it seemed quite dark under the trees in the park. I decided to do a shorter circuit so I didn't have to run through the wooded part but it meant two and half short circuits rather than one and half long ones which mentally seemed harder but I did it.

Traveled over to see my Aunt in Ayr. My Uncle picked me up from the boat and took me to lunch first. I was good had jacket potato with beans cheese and salad :) Visited my Aunt at the hospital, she is on a mask all the time to help with her breathing but not on oxygen and is able to chat and is still very much herself under there. Got to meet one of her care team who is coordinating her move to the hospice and all her equipment. Was really please he seems confident and professional and knows exactly what she needs.
The hospital only allows visiting for an hour at a time so we headed back to the house for a sandwich tea with cream cakes, and then back out in the evening for another visit. The out for a drink with my cousins and chips and cheese on the way home.

Lie in and then watched free practice and qualifying for F1 at my cousins with all his gadgets. Big screen telly, timing info on laptop and driver tracking on the iphone :)
Another visit to my Aunt at the hospital. She was feeling brighter and giving instructions to my Uncle and cousin for the move on monday. Then time to leave and my cousin ran me back to the boat in his Honda sports car. very nice shame it was too wet to put the roof down :)

Long lie again to recover from weekend and got up to watch the F1, managed some housework and had a lazy day.

Day off as I expected to be at end of C25k Week 9 and had put in for the holiday 2 months ago. With having days off however I'm only on Week 8 so went out today for my 2nd run of the week, 28 mins done and dusted! I felt really good and when the podcast said 1 min to go I really thought I had longer left. Came home and did my weightwatchers weigh-in and I've lost 3lbs this week so thats 7lbs since starting running. Really pleased.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes :)

I had to give it my run a miss this weekend as it seemed to become monsoon weather and gale force winds at the same time! Not a good combination. Managed out between the showers tonight so W7D3 last 25 min run of the week done and dusted.

Passed another female runner several times this evening doing my same route but in reverse. Think she's training for the 10km road race at our Highland games in August as in my lap and half of the park area she passed me 5 times. Although as we were going in opposite directions I passed her 5 times as well :)

While I'm on a roll I've decided I can make positive changes in my life this Summer. I am joining the gym & pool for the summer and have registered for weight watchers online to try and make my weight loss and healthier eating a permanent thing.

Since starting running in May I've lost 4lbs if I can get my food issues and portion sizes sorted I may actually be able to fit into some of the clothes in my wardrobe :) Will keep you posted!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Missed a couple of days and 'Why'


I've had to miss a couple of days since my last run as had some pain in my left hip but seems more connected to not my sleeping well rather than my running. Used the time to try out some yoga for runners. Wasn't too bad and no really weird positions :) may try to do some of these every week.

I manged out for my 2nd 25 min run of week7 tonight. On the way passed the pool noticed a large sign outside offering a 6 week gym and pool taster membership for £30 so will pop in tomorrow for more information.

I've been following a few blogs of other C25k runners and recently one of them has been reflecting on why she started running. I posted back in May a few of my reasons and thinking behind starting to run and in the last couple of weeks have come to face maybe the main the reason I started to run.

My Aunt Ann (my mums sister) was diagnosed a couple of months ago with Motor Neuron Disease.
My Gran (my mums mum) also died from MND as did my one of my mums cousins.

Motor Neurone Disease stops the nerve cells that control the body’s movement from sending messages to muscles. MND is often rapid and always fatal. There is no known cure. Most kinds of MND don't appear until at least 50 or 60 years of age.

The most common kind of MND has two forms 'sporadic' ie random and 'familial' ie affects relatives over several generations. There is a chance that this form is what has affected three members of my family and therefore I may also be at risk of developing it, there is also an equal chance that its the random form and I may never develop it.

As there are only two main genes so far identified to account for some cases of MND the current tests are likely to be inconclusive and as there is no cure I think I would rather not know.

Anyway this having to contemplate the chance of possibly having a fatal condition that may or may not present in the next 20 or 30 years filled my head with lots of unknowns and things I had/have no control over.

So I decided to take control while I still have it. I can control what I do now and I can choose to be fitter and healthier so I'm running and I'm dieting. I'm keeping the MND thoughts in a little locked box in my head but as I set this blog up as a place where I can put all the thoughts, ideas and lists that keep cluttering up my head I thought I should put these thoughts here as well. Hopefully by writing it out here I can exercise my mind and worries and get on with enjoying living.