Sunday, September 19, 2010


Been feeling a bit rough this week had a cough that just kept getting worse and the weather has taken a definate winter feel so have had to force my self back into running mode.

Eventually made it out today after church and was aiming to do my normal 30 min run. I had to take a couple of walking breaks around 10 and 20 mins but that meant when I reached my normal finishing point I felt I could go longer so managed around 38 mins and when I mapped my route worked out at 4km!!

I can now imagine the 5km and think another couple of weeks and I'll have it :)

Thursday, September 09, 2010


I haven't blogged for a while as a few things happened very quickly.
Firstly my Aunt who had moved into the hospice got much worse very quickly and sadly died on the 12th of August. It came as a huge shock as we'd been hearing it can take years for this illness to run its course.

With hindsight I'm sure its better for her not to be trapped in a body that wont respond or do what you want it to. But I miss her and the memories, books and films she was still to share with us.

It was a very emotional funeral and lots of our family came together to say goodbye.
One silver lining (and you have to always look for these) is her doctor was able to confirm she did not have an inherited form of MND so I am no more likely than anyone else to have it, that does put my mind at rest and stop me dwelling on it.

Secondly my brother came home from sea to find his wife of 17months has left him, they had been together for years before getting married and this came as a bolt from the blue to us.

Lastly but not too traumatically my 10year old sky box died a slow and irritating death. It would cut out during programs and not come back on, or stick on one channel and not let you change it. Eventually needing to be switched off overnight just to get 1hrs worth of viewing the next day. The Sky website, rather unhelpfully, advised me I could get a replacement box for £159!!!! and would have to wait at least a week for delivery and installation.

Thankfully a lovely lady at work decided she had an old box she didnt need and gave it to me for nothing, free, gratis. I didnt realise how addicted to sfyfy, Sky One, FX and Living I had become until I couldn't access it.

Naturally I was going to make a card to say thanks but decided to make a whole box of assorted cards for her to use through the year instead :)

So new month - new focus!
Back to the running, and the diet. My cousin has suggested we enter the 10k road race at next years highland games and I think I may just do it. I put on two pounds but thats ok, I know I can shift them. I'm going to use my scrapbooking supplies not just hoard and stroke them and if I don't need or want something I will sell it or give it away to someone who will. I will try to learn new things and take in a class or experience or two.

This past month has taught me not to wait, to grab chances while there here, to tell people how you feel, not to put off that visit or that call or that experience. Life can be short and quick, remember to take time to enjoy it, do it and not just plan it.

I can do this. So can you ;)