Friday, October 06, 2006

Organised - Nearly :-)

My storage unit arrived and it took me a whole day to unpack it and put it together, its actually really solid for a flat pack and the shelves and drawers are good and sturdy and a great size to easily hold all my craft bits including 12x12.

  • I've put my various albums and 12x12 cardstock and papers on the top two shelves.

  • My artbin satchels, organiser boxes, and sizzix cases holding unmounted stamps on the second shelf.

  • The two small drawers hold photos, small 7 gypsies albums, peeloffs, mat stacks and rub-ons.

  • The deep drawer holds 12x12 ziplock bags with pages in progress, page kits, scrap patterned paper and cardstock, 12x12 sticker envelopes holding various sizes of stickers.

  • The shelf next to the deep drawer has my drawer unit filled with wood mounted stamps, on top my 8.5x11 cardstock, vellum and tag papers, beside it an A5 ringbinder with details of what stamps and punches i have and a similar binder with details of the clubscrap kits and stamps.

  • The bottom shelves hold spare page protectors, an expanding 12x12 paper holder, a k&co kit still in the box to pretty to use, various plastic artbin and storage boxes and boxes of photos.

I think I may be organised at last !


Heather said...

Wow - that looks great, Joanne!

I hope it helps you get even more scrapping done.

Kat said...

Gheee, Jo - you put me to shame!!! Scrapping area is still a mess... :o Really have to take one day or at least a couple of hours to get stuff sorted!! :)