Saturday, November 24, 2007

Good couple of weeks.

My diet is going really well with Weight Watchers, I lost 2lbs in the first week and another 2lbs last week so going in the right direction at last.

I've started my preparation for Shimelles Journal your christmas class and made my first set of decisions.

I'm want to use my journal to reclaim Christmas and my feelings for it.
I want to enjoy the whole Christmas season with its hustle and bustle but not stress about the fact we have to work all through it.
I want to work out and record what my tradtions are celebrating Christmas as a single person and as a Christian.

I will use the Green Colorbok 8x8 album I've had sitting doing nothing on my shelf for over a year.
I will do one page a day and not stress about everything being a double layout.
I will make some elements ahead of time like date tags and possibly page plans.
I will not drag out my whole craft room for every page.
I will tidy most of my stuff away so I'm ready and clear for Christmas.
I will use a variety of papers but stick mainly to traditional red and green.
I will use my own handwriting not the computer.
I will try and stick to just a couple of my Christmas stamps not everyone i've ever bought :)
I will Journal the pages as I go even if I cant complete the layout that day.

Roll on next week :D

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