Friday, June 13, 2008

New Camera!!

I've splashed out on a new camera after reading some reviews and recommendations on UKScrappers . I wanted to move on from my HP120 digital point and click camera that is now about 5/6 years old and only 1megapixel and only digital zoom but I didnt feel I knew enough to go for a D-SLR and have to deal with swapping lenses so settled for what was refered to as a 'bridge' camera (think somewhere in the middle).

My new Panasonic FZ18 arrived on monday with 8mp and 18x zoom!!
I've been having great fun playing with it and seeing the difference it makes to photos.

This is a view looking towards Craigmore and then a zoom of the yachts moored off the point.

This is a view across to Toward Castle and then the close up of the fishing boat coming in that you can hardly see on the first shot.

Can you tell I'm loving this camera :) off to play with the macro setting today

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Heather said...

Great photos - you DO live in a pretty part of the world!

Wishing you years of happiness with your new camera.

(How's the weight-loss going? Still on track? Well done you.)