Friday, November 18, 2011

New Phone and a Question

I'm still working on my To-Do list from last month and ticked off a couple.

I've managed to get extra hours in the day by taking this week off work and making serious inroads on my housework and sorting all my paper clutter. I'm trying to set up proper storage spaces for bills, sunday school lessons, craft classes, magazines & newspaper clippings as well as find a way to deal with junkmail as soon as it arrives not just pile it up on the kitchen counters.

I also bought a new phone at last. Only my fourth ever mobile and the first to really do pictures and internet. So now in the midst of getting to grips with the touch screen and rotating display and a keypad that keeps appearing and disappearing I'm also trying to navigate this new world of 'apps'.
  • What are they?
  • Do I need them?
  • If so which ones?
Any suggestions gratefully received.

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Kat said...

Is it an Android phone, hun? Apps I got on there is SHOP SAVVY (you can scan barcodes and check if you can get an item cheaper elsewhere - good for presents shopping!), Google Maps (part of the phone package anyway), Android Booster & Mobo Task Killer (battery saver - Android phones have tendency to zap batteries like there's no tomorrow!). Then the usual which are included in the package of most Android phones anyway: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. And Google reader. Hope this helps, hun.