Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thunder Storm Late Last Night

As i was finishing of on the computer last night about 1am i could hear the start of rumbles of thunder in the distance so I switched off and disconnected the pc from the mains and phone line got everything ready for bed and found my torch incase the power went. Then headed outside to watch the lightning :)

The main body of the storm hit around 1.30am and lightening was so bright it was like broad daylight at times and although the thunder was really loud and fierce it also stayed quite a distance away giving long gaps between the lightening strikes and the rolls of thunder.

Then eventually just before 2am the rain started and came on heavy so quicky that our back yard flooded in just a couple of minuets.

The real force of the storm skirted round us and was over by just after 2am but it did help clear the air a little at least till this morning.

I LOVE Thunder and Lightening :)

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Kat said...

LOVE Thunderstorms & Lightning as well... but still no luck here on the East Coast ... send it over, will you? :)

Very hot still and mucky ... hope we'll get some rain overnight.