Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Still a bad blogger

Life has been a busy place over the past year and instead of giving me lots to blog about its taken up too much time and effort and i've not blogged at all, I am a bad blogger.

Tomorrow is the first of August so I'm having an August resolution to do more blogging we'll see how it goes.

My friend Kat posted recently on her blog that she's working through a photo scavenger hunt so I may have a go at that and also have announced Free access to the 1911 Census – limited time only! Find your family’s stories in our England & Wales 1911 Census, free until 23:29 on 14 October. shame it doesn't include Scotland but I might find something. 
theres also my continued attempt to declutter, lose weight and get fit. 

We'll see if any of that provides blogging matterial for the month.

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Kat said...

Hun, I know what you mean. I've got tons of stories and photos to blog, but somehow don't get the time/feel like it (ok, I blame the Hobbits for that! ;) ).

It's Facebook and Twitter which somehow make blogging a bit redundant, as you do quick updates there instead of typing the whole story on your blog.

I'm getting slowly back into blogging, but right now it's more backlog work. ;)

Hoping you're getting along ok with the Photo Scavenger hunt - Rinda is doing that every year, so maybe you want to take part in 2014 from the beginning (June)?