Monday, October 28, 2013

Winter Cooking

I've decided as the weathers going straight to winter that my cooking should follow suit so been working on my stews and soups. However, most of my recipes are from weight watchers and can be a little heavy on the tomatos which seems to set off my joint pains, so I wanted to try some other options and have found several great budget ideas and some that are just really handy.

I found 'A girl called Jack' through a friend on twitter and she has some really great budget tips as well as costed out recipes. I'm bookmarking this one as someones added their lentil soup recipe in the comments :)

I found a packet of broth mix in the cupboard and was stuck for what to do with it so googled it as you do and found 'Carolines Kitchen Diary' not had a chance to really look through it yet but wanted to keep the broth recipe handy.

and finally 'The Great British Budget Menu' my minister and his wife have been using these recipes for the past couple of months and the food is amazing. We had the hairy bikers lasagne last night and I've decided I must have a go myself.

What are you cooking this winter and where do you find your ideas?

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