Monday, July 05, 2010

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes :)

I had to give it my run a miss this weekend as it seemed to become monsoon weather and gale force winds at the same time! Not a good combination. Managed out between the showers tonight so W7D3 last 25 min run of the week done and dusted.

Passed another female runner several times this evening doing my same route but in reverse. Think she's training for the 10km road race at our Highland games in August as in my lap and half of the park area she passed me 5 times. Although as we were going in opposite directions I passed her 5 times as well :)

While I'm on a roll I've decided I can make positive changes in my life this Summer. I am joining the gym & pool for the summer and have registered for weight watchers online to try and make my weight loss and healthier eating a permanent thing.

Since starting running in May I've lost 4lbs if I can get my food issues and portion sizes sorted I may actually be able to fit into some of the clothes in my wardrobe :) Will keep you posted!

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