Friday, July 02, 2010

Missed a couple of days and 'Why'


I've had to miss a couple of days since my last run as had some pain in my left hip but seems more connected to not my sleeping well rather than my running. Used the time to try out some yoga for runners. Wasn't too bad and no really weird positions :) may try to do some of these every week.

I manged out for my 2nd 25 min run of week7 tonight. On the way passed the pool noticed a large sign outside offering a 6 week gym and pool taster membership for £30 so will pop in tomorrow for more information.

I've been following a few blogs of other C25k runners and recently one of them has been reflecting on why she started running. I posted back in May a few of my reasons and thinking behind starting to run and in the last couple of weeks have come to face maybe the main the reason I started to run.

My Aunt Ann (my mums sister) was diagnosed a couple of months ago with Motor Neuron Disease.
My Gran (my mums mum) also died from MND as did my one of my mums cousins.

Motor Neurone Disease stops the nerve cells that control the body’s movement from sending messages to muscles. MND is often rapid and always fatal. There is no known cure. Most kinds of MND don't appear until at least 50 or 60 years of age.

The most common kind of MND has two forms 'sporadic' ie random and 'familial' ie affects relatives over several generations. There is a chance that this form is what has affected three members of my family and therefore I may also be at risk of developing it, there is also an equal chance that its the random form and I may never develop it.

As there are only two main genes so far identified to account for some cases of MND the current tests are likely to be inconclusive and as there is no cure I think I would rather not know.

Anyway this having to contemplate the chance of possibly having a fatal condition that may or may not present in the next 20 or 30 years filled my head with lots of unknowns and things I had/have no control over.

So I decided to take control while I still have it. I can control what I do now and I can choose to be fitter and healthier so I'm running and I'm dieting. I'm keeping the MND thoughts in a little locked box in my head but as I set this blog up as a place where I can put all the thoughts, ideas and lists that keep cluttering up my head I thought I should put these thoughts here as well. Hopefully by writing it out here I can exercise my mind and worries and get on with enjoying living.

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