Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bad Run :(

I didnt make it on Tuesday as my legs were still sore from Sundays run so went out tonight aiming to do my 25 min run.

I was feeling very out of puff before I even finished my warm up walk and although I managed to start my run I was really struggling by the time the podcast announced the end of the first 5 min section so slowed to a walk and thought I would go back to W6D1 (5/8/5 min runs) but couldn't manage the second run so called it quits and came home early will try again tomorrow.

I know everyone has bad runs from time to time and I've been really lucky to get to week 6 before crashing but feel quite bad at failing the run tonight.

Just have to pick myself up and keep going and remember I can do this, I've done the 20min I can do it again!

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