Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day!

Decided to walked out to my dads this afternoon to give him his fathers day pressie (just over a mile) didn't think he'd appreciate me turning up after my run out of puff and sweatty :) I got him sweeties in a hand made box and handmade card. my brother and his wife got him the DVD of Up
as he does look just like the main character. I also got him setup on Facebook so he can keep in touch with all the cousins.

I then did my Week6Day2, two ten minute runs to get home. Running along the esplanade in the town from one side to the other and then through the back roads of the town to get home. Legs a bit shakey now, running on pavements is harder than the dirt tracks in the park. Also negotiating traffic, holidaymakers and drunks not much fun. Think I'll stick to the park from now on.

Time to shower and veg on the couch me thinks.

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