Sunday, June 06, 2010

Week 4 runs 2&3

Was very warm on Thursday but I managed out in the evening and completed my W4D2 run. Still found the 5 min runs very hard but didn't kill me and I didn't have jelly legs but was really tired after my shower so had an early night and forgot to update the blog. Sorry :)

Saturday should have been run 3 of the week but between the heat and my asthma flaring up I was quite short of breath all day so didn't manage out.

I made it out this evening for my final run of Week 4. I decided to run my route the other way round to avoid a couple with a dog and found it seemed easier that way. Think I'm now running up the long sloping incline and down the steeper side. Or possibly just being distracted by scenery going by in a different direction :) What ever the reason I'm going to try and alternate the route just for variety from now on. I manged both the 5 minute runs and was even able to add an extra 100 meters to the end of the last run just cos I felt I could.

I may not be so brave next week. Roll on Week 5!

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